If you are considering adopting, please note that all rescue dogs take time to settle in and may act differently during the first few weeks in their new home due to stress, new smells/sounds/food/routines etc. Some dogs may need to be house-trained and ALL dogs will require nutritional food, daily exercise and fresh air!  Exercise helps prevent anxiety and behavioural problems that can develop through boredom and lack of exercise. It also helps the dog to maintain a healthy weight.

We endeavour to match the right dog to you and your circumstances and we only re-home dogs that we believe to be in good health with good even temperament. However, Pepis cannot accept responsibility for any problems and/or costs resulting from illness/injury that may occur or develop subsequent to adoption.  Any dog re-homed by Pepis must be returned to Pepis (or a representative of Pepis) should the adopter/s not be able to keep the dog for any reason. Any donation paid will not be refunded.

All our dogs have been spayed/castrated, blood-tested, micro-chipped, fully vaccinated, wormed and flea-treated. They also have an up-to-date Pet Passport. To help cover the costs of the above preparation and to ensure that you receive your dog in a healthy condition, we request a minimum donation of €200.00. If you would like to donate more, it would be very much appreciated.

Donations will be due four working days previous to the day of adoption/transport and should be made directly to the charity’s bank account by bank transfer, or by Paypal (please select the “Gift” option to avoid additional charges to the charity).