Sex: Female

Breed: Podenco cross

Size: Small/Medium

Age: 1 year old

Bonny is a delightful little girl who we can only imagine what happened to her, as she has part of her tongue missing, the vet believed she could of been hung and the only way out was to chew herself free, unfortunately a practice that goes on in Spain. Despite her ordeal she enjoys her food and loves her cuddles. Bonny has not been cat tested but gets on well with other dogs, and is looking for a family possibly with children, this little sweetheart has an endless amount of love to give. She enjoys her walks and being out and about and is learning what a lead is and is progressing very well. Bonny has been spayed and had all her vaccinations, this young, healthy and happy girl will no doubt bring bundles of fun to her new family.




  • Female
  • Cross
  • Size: Medium/Large
  • 2/3 years old

Amy was sadly abandoned at the refuge gates, along with another dog (Danny), we actually don’t know if the two are related, but both have settled in well. Amy is a very attractive dog with unique markings, she is also very well behaved and loves to smother you with kisses. Amy gets on well with other dogs, but is looking for a home without cats, she also enjoys her walks and being active. Our adorable girl, is looking for that special person to take her home and cuddle up on the sofa with.

Amy has been Spayed and her vaccinations are up to date and she is ready to find that loving person/family of her own.

If you are interested in Amy, please contact us!


Sex: Female

Breed: Podenco cross

Size: Small

Born: 2016

Kaylee was found in our village with a nasty injury to her back leg, luckily the vet confirmed that her leg was not broken. Kaylee’s leg has completely healed, she has also been spayed and had all her vaccinations. Kaylee is a very healthy young girl with lots of energy and enjoys playing with the other dogs. But most of all Kaylee craves human company, she loves everyone and will cling onto you for more fuss. She enjoy her walks, but often stops for a cuddle and loves to sit on your lap and snuggle next to you. This little sweetie is a bundle of joy, super smart and eager to learn. As Kaylee is only young we believe she would fit well into a family home and could potentially live with children and other pets. This little cutie is pure sweetness, who just wants a family to love her just as much as she will love them.



Sex: Female

Breed: Podenco cross

Size: Medium

Age: 2/3 years old


Thinking about adopting a sweet young dog to cuddle up to you on those cold winter nights?  Well, let us introduce you to Tuesday, a lovely medium-size dog who is already dreaming of a friendly place she can call home. A delightful little girl who is great with other dogs but finds cats far too interesting.

We spotted Tuesday, just sitting quietly tied up outside the refuge, waiting to be rescued. She can be a little nervous at first, but soon trusts and enjoys her cuddles, having her belly rubbed and a toy to chew, she is just lovely.

Tuesday has been Spayed and all her vaccinations are up to date.




Sex: Female

Breed: Podenco Cross

Age: 1/2 years old

Size: Small

This is lovely little Tammy, she is the most gentle and affectionate little girl ever. She is still only a young dog and could be re-homed with sensible children over 8, as she can be a little timid until she gets to know you and then she will greet you and even sit on your lap for a cuddle. Tammy gets on well with other dogs and walks nicely on the lead and enjoys having a good sniff around. Tammy is finding life at the refuge quite stressful and we feel she would really benefit from being in a home environment. She has been spayed and had all her vaccinations. Tammy would love a home where she had a garden to play in and someone to snuggle up to on the sofa, but most of all Tammy just wants to be loved.


Please enquire for further information on Tammy, she is patiently waiting!!


  • Female
  • Podenco cross
  • Size: medium
  • 2015
  • Weight: 10-15kg
  • Colour: brown and white



Honey was rescued in our village of Pedrera with a leg injury, after a visit to our vet she is now at our refuge and recovering very well. Honey is extremely well-behaved and good on a lead; she would make a good family dog. This little beauty must have had a bad experience in the past, as she can be slightly hesitant at first, but she has improved immensely since being at the refuge and is often jumping up at her cage to get your attention and a cuddle.

Honey gets on well with all other dogs, but she isn’t too keen on cats, she could potentially be rehomed with some other doggy friends. Honey loves to curl up in her bed and also enjoys a bit of sunbathing. Honey is only a young dog; she has a lot of love to give and has her whole life ahead of her and so many adventures to explore, if you could only give her the chance…?

Honey has been spayed and had all her vaccinations.




  • Female
  • Mastin Cross
  • Size: Large
  • Age: 1/2 years old





Let us introduce you to our gorgeous Sienna, lovely and lively describes her perfectly. Sienna is still very young and has lots of energy and would suit an active family that would enjoy taking her on lots of walks. We think she’d be great for a family with older children and gets on well with other dogs. She has been spayed and had all her vaccinations and is a happy and healthy girl, who is looking forward to being part of a family. Sienna is a delightful girl who loves playing with her toys and may enjoy agility. In addition to her fun side, she also has a sensitive side and loves to snuggle with you and adores a belly rub. She is soft, velvety, beautiful and will be a wonderful companion.


Rachael – Adopted

  • Female
  • Podenco
  • Size:small/medium
  • 2015/2016
  • Weight: 10kg
  • Colour: brown




Rachel had been wandering the streets for about 3 weeks before she came to us, with a broken front leg. She is around a year old, so still only very young and when she arrived at the refuge was a little lost and frightened. Now that she has made some friends, four legged and two, she is starting to find her way. Rachel is a very sweet little girl, who is quiet and inoffensive and gets on well with other dogs. She can be a little shy at first until she builds up her trust, however, she is growing in confidence every day and enjoys company once she gets to know you. Her leg has now been treated and has healed nicely and she is enjoying her walks. Rachel is a young girl who is looking forward to finding a family that will show her the love and affection that she deserves.

Please get in touch for more information on adopting Rachel.


(Left) Rachel (Right) Lulu



Maria – reserved

  • Female
  • Podenco Cross
  • Size: Small
  • 2008 +/-     
  • Weight: 10-20kg
  • Colour: Sand with White Markings
Beautiful little Maria was seen wandering around the village near the refuge limping, with a bad bite injury to her front leg. Knowing she needed urgent help and was very vulnerable, Jane and Alan took her into their care. She has been at the refuge for over 4 years, desperately waiting for her forever home.
Active, playful, friendly and loving, a bundle of fun with typical podenco traits.  In general, good with other dogs but needs work to modify her food aggression.   Maria  would benefit from some obedience training and enjoy that challenge as she is intelligent.  She is a enthusiastic girl so would learn quickly. Could you give gorgeous Maria a chance to show you just how wonderful she is?


  • Female
  • Podenco cross
  • Size: medium
  • 2012/2013 +/-
  • Weight: 10-15kg
  • Colour: sand brown
Trisha was found abandoned at the refuge by Alan and Jane together with her nine siblings as very little pups.  Jane hand-reared them all, but unfortunately all siblings contracted Parvo virus.  Sadly two siblings died, but Jane fought to pull the remaining pups through.  Three of these have already found homes but some have still been over-looked and Trisha is one of this little group.
What´s she like with people??  Well, that´s easy and can be described in one big word…ADORABLE!!  This little girl so friendly and loving with people. She is desperate for human contact as it makes her feel secure.  Refuge life for Trisha is a struggle which is totally understandable.  She finds it hard to relax when she is alone, as do her siblings.  Over time she has become much calmer but needs help to continue her progress.  Trisha loves to play catch, throw a ball for her and she will willingly bring it back and isn´t possessive over her toys which is positive.  She can display some rather narky behaviour both with other dogs and with her food so she would need guidance and supervision and further work will be needed to socialise her more.   A sibling of hers, Junior, with similar behaviour issues recently went into foster care and after one week, his has improved greatly so we feel that this is achievable with Trisha.  We know that she has the potential, she just needs someone with a big heart, patience and understanding to see this and take this little girl under their wing and let her crawl onto your lap, all tucked up, secure and happy for the rest of her life.  Please enquire about Trisha as she is finding life so stressful at the refuge and it´s sad for us to see this.
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