Fundraising Ideas to Help raise money for the refuge

All fundraising events earn free advertising on the Pepis website for the sponsors and businesses participating.

CapPOOCHino Day

Approach your local coffee shop/cafe about sponsoring a “CapPOOCHino Day,” where a percentage of their proceeds from coffee sales that day will go to Pepis. A local coffee shop/cafe is more likely to jump at an idea that earns them free advertising and good will in their local community.

‘Wags and Wheels’ Car and Dog Wash

For this event you’ll need space to wash and dry cars, access to water as well as space for bathing dogs.  Ask for donations of pet shampoo from your local pet shop and see if a local groomer in the area will donate services for toenail clippings for an additional small fee. Charge a flat fee for each type of wash.

Yappy Hour

Ask a local cafe or restaurant that has an outdoor patio/garden to host a “Yappy Hour” event, where owners can bring their dogs and enjoy discount food and drink specials. Ask the manager to donate a portion of their proceeds for the event, and/or charge a small admission fee at the door.   Ask for items from local pet shop, such as gift certificates for grooming, dog food, collars, leads and other items to have as raffle or door prizes.

Garage Sale

Take advantage of spring cleaning to benefit Pepis.  Advertise in your local paper, both print and online, Pepi´s website, bulletin boards of veterinarians, pet shops, schools, churches etc.

Team Up with Your Farmer’s Market

If you have a local farmer’s market, ask if you can set up a table this spring and summer on behalf of the refuge. Sell items to benefit them and include an opportunity to donate to Pepis. Perhaps you can offer a ‘thank you” item to anyone who donates at least €/£ XX, such as a bouquet of flowers, homemade jam etc. Ask one of the sellers at the market if they could donate an item.  These farmers markets are very popular and draw large crowds.

Sponsor a Walking Tour in Your Community

Is your community a tourist town? Does your town have interesting historical tales?  Find somebody locally who has a lot of knowledge of the history of the town, it´s museums, restaurants, art galleries, shops etc. and organise a guided tour on behalf of the refuge.   Ask local hotels to place flyers about the the tour at their front desks and advertise in any tourist related publications. You may even get additional donations from animal lovers who enjoy the tour. Provide information about Pepis, including photos of the dogs and the financial struggles it faces in this economic environment. Find volunteers to offer these tours at the height of your tourist season. Be sure to check with the local council concerning any permits or licenses that are required.

Participate in Local Spring/Summer Outdoor Events

Most communities celebrate spring and summer with at least one outdoor event that combines food, a sporting or physical activity, flowers, etc. Contact the organiser of events in your community and arrange to participate with a stall to sell items for the refuge, to educate the public about the homeless dogs, to accept donations etc. Organisers and sponsors of these events usually advertise for several weeks; many locals have a tradition of attending these events as a family. You will probably be required to pay a fee to participate; ask if you can get a reduced fee.  If that isn’t within your budget, send us an email so that we can publish that help is needed.

Sponsor a Community Event Just for Pets

If your community or doesn’t already sponsor an event for the benefit of homeless pets, consider starting one this year. What is your area known for? What do people celebrate? For example, if you’re near the ocean, sponsor a weekend event based on seafood and fishing. Sponsor a contest for the best crab cake recipe, ask restaurants to participate with donations for each person served, sponsor cooking classes based on seafood recipes, sell artwork of the coastal scenes and fish by kids and professional artists, etc. Think of many activities that would appeal to a variety of people. Work with different businesses which can be responsible for conducting their own activities and contribute to the refuge by offering a percentage of their proceeds for the weekend.

Hold Classes

Offer a series of classes with an outdoor theme throughout the spring and summer to raise funds for the dogs. These classes could include dog training, pet photography, oil or watercolor painting classes, organic gardening, how to use a GPS, barbequeue cooking, etc. Think of several popular activities in your area and ask locals to donate their time to teach some classes. Ask your local newspaper to help advertise these classes; you can probably get a discount or maybe even pay nothing. Many newspapers publish a section or listing of upcoming events in which you can submit your events / classes at no charge. For example, raise funds by sponsoring dog training classes, a class on caring for senior dogs, diabetic cats, surviving the death of a pet, taking digital photos of pets, etc. Ask veterinarians and others to donate their services or at least discount their services; this is good public relations for them. Publicise these classes in the “pet” section of your local paper.

Start a golf tournament (Pitch & Putt)

Charge a small entrance fee and contact local business to sponsor the tournament as a whole, as well as smaller sponsors for each hole. Whole or hole, it will create some curiosity in the community.  Spectators will want to enjoy the afternoon, paying a small fee, not to mention the refreshments you will be selling all day. Include title sponsor, tee sponsor, and raffle prize gifts. Charge each player to participate. Look for corporate sponsorships such as sports related businesses.


If your community has an annual parade, whether it’s a summertime or wintertime, team up with the parade sponsor for an added pet parade. Who doesn’t love their pets and who doesn’t love a parade? What a perfect mix. Local businesses will be sure to want to sponsor you.

Dog Walks / Runs

Organise a sponsored walk or run with or without canine companion.  This can be advertised locally with the focus on fitness and animal welfare.

Photo Contests

Why not organise a photo contest on the Pepis website. It could be as creative as you would like.  What about photos of kids reading to their pets? Or photos that portray pets playing with other types of pets. eg. a rabbit with a dog etc.  Charge an entry fee and offer a prize.  Ask the local vet clinic to offer one free vaccination for example.

Children´s Stories About Their Pets

This is great competition for children to get involved with.  Why not contact the local school to see if the children would like to participate. Offer information about responsible pet ownership and give details of the refuge.  Ask the children to write stories about why their pets are the most special, including stories of animal courage, bravery,  why they love their pet etc.

Seek Company Sponsorships

Find businesses to support Pepis in some way. Many fundraising opportunities would be possible with a relationship like this. Your sponsors can ask for their employees’ participation in fundraising, volunteering, and more.

Approach local businesses to collaborate

Ask them to donate part of their revenue on specific days. Examples are pet shops and boutiques, including chains as well as locally owned shops. Also consider restaurants, veterinarians, and boarding facilities. Shops for kids, such as clothing, sporting goods, game and toy shops, etc are other possibilities.

Approach Pet Friendly Hotels to Raise Funds

Many hotels now allow pets as guests. It’s a natural to ask them to partner with shelters to help those pets not so lucky to be traveling with their owners.
For example, partner with a local pet friendly hotel and suggest they make a “You stay and we’ll pay!” offer to animal owners. For every animal staying with them, they’ll donate XX amount to Pepis.  In return they would have a free advertisement on the Pepi website.