We Need Your Help

The only way that we can continue to operate and save so many dogs is through the generous support of kind people like yourselves! Pepi´s Dog Refuge fights tooth and nail to support our dogs in every way that we can, but we need your help.


We guarantee that funds raised, however small or large, will be used to directly to benefit the lives of these abandoned dogs and to provide excellent care for them whilst they are waiting for their forever homes.

Fundraising during these difficult economic times is getting harder than ever so the strategy at Pepis is to think outside the box and get the creative spirit going so that we “stand out from the pack” so to speak! With a little ingenuity you can organise events with a difference that will be fun for all the family.

If you have any ideas, however small, to put the ´fun´back in fundraising , we would be delighted to hear from you at admin@pepisdogrefuge.com  But, if you would like some inspiration please CLICK to see some examples of fundraising activities.

You will receive complete backing and support from us and will be provided with marketing material to help you publicise your event. All sponsors and events will be published on Pepi´s website and Facebook pages.


Thanks so much for caring.