Little Vinnie has gone off to his forever home with Maria and he is going to be very loved.

Our Dobby went off to his forever home today with Sue, Dan and their children. Be happy young man.

  • Male
  • Podenco Cross
  • Size: Small
  • 2012 +/-     
  • Weight: 5-10kg
  • Colour: Honey
Ital was dumped at the refuge gate with his brothers and sister before having been weaned. Jane bottle fed these little pups and they have grown into healthy young dogs. Two of the group are happy in their forever homes leaving Ismael and 3 other siblings still searching.
We will always tell you about behaviour or characteristics of the dogs that need modification, but in this case we only have positive things to say. Ital is always happy, always positive and just pure sweetness, just like his brothers and sister. This little family is so comical and very pretty. They are a beautiful colour and a pleasure to care for, no trouble at all. Bundles of fun and happiness and it´s such a shame that they haven´t found their own families as they are young and need the attention that they deserve. It´s hard to not fall in love with them so we challenge you to choose between Arca, Frederico, Ismael or Ital, all beautiful, all looking at everyone who passes their pen to see if we are bringing leads to walk them or are opening the pen door to give them some fuss!!

Great news… more adoptions.

Alaska is one lucky little lady – she is on her way to live with a vet in Italy who is going to take care of her and treat her ongoing infections.
Watch the following video of Alaska (on the lead), Samson and Shane – All Galgos, getting ready to go to their forever homes in Italy!! 

  1. video-of-samson-alaska-and-shane-being-transported



Our last photo of Shane before he was transported to Italy. Shane holds a special place in Jane’s heart and she will truly miss him. Good luck in your new home shane!



These beautiful dogs deserve a fantastic life, they have so much to give and thankfully they can now enjoy life to the fullest!!
Above photos of Alaska, Shane and Samson… who have all now been adopted into their forever homes. BRILLIANT NEWS!!!!

Amazing news from Hammy!

Hamm went to the Mangotsfield Bristol fun dog show and won Best Rescue Class and Best in Show Crossbreed! Congrats, Hammy!


Well he has been on his very first Holiday ! We went to Devon – Jess, Junior and myself for just almost 3 weeks.
He wasn’t comfortable going into the big white box (caravan) but after he saw Jess run in he had a sniff and decided he would have a look. He still gets nervous of new things bless him. He soon settled with a treat and we stayed around the van for the first day.
First Beach Visit – no worry of the ‘yellow stuff’ and he just ran around following Jess on the sand dunes and into the sea. Stealing Jess’s sticks was his favourite game. He was as good as gold apart from when we got back to the van he didn’t want to get back in. I think he was worried that we were going to be driving for hours and hours again, but no just 15 mins back to the white box!!!
He wasn’t perfect for the whole time trust me – one day on the sand dunes his hunting instinct really came out. He just disappeared in the thick thorny bushes after Rabbits ! Then kept popping up but he had definitely got his Deaf Ears on. Paid absolutely no attention to me, so after about 5 mins I walked off – thinking he would follow us. I got to the end of the dunes before we turned onto the beach, NOTHING. So Jess and I walked back and stood waiting, waiting and waiting. STILL NOTHING !! After 20 mins there was only one thing for it I would have to go into the thick very thorny bushes to get him. Got scratched to pieces! and Junior was covered in blood , not all his. So lead on at that part of the beach from then on!!!

He met lots and lots of new people and doggie friends and was very polite and well behaved with everyone. So here are a few pics.

I hope reading this will encourage someone who is thinking about adopting but still nervous to just do it. Junior is a lovely clever boy and I love him to bits xXx THANK YOU AGAIN JANE & ALAN


Hello Mattie here, or button nose as my foster Mum likes to call me ! The news is I’m off to Scotland at Christmas time and I’m going to be staying with foster mums parents who want to adopt me, well if it wasn’t with them foster mum was keeping me ! My new mum and dad have come all the way down to meet me and fell in love with me. I will miss Charlie and Rhea but I will see them often. But I hear it’s chilly up there so I have a selection of coats and I’m getting them packed in my case. Foster mum says at least she can steal me back from time to time !!

Here a little update on Millie.

She is the most happy dog, enjoying her new life in Italy! Millie waited 7 years at Pepis until Pia, who came to the refuge to volunteer, fell in love with her! Millie settled well and loves her new mum with all her heart!

Thank you Pia for changing Millie´s life and showing that a dog is never too old to find a home!



Nipper’s new life awaits…

Tonight she’s been to get her bloods, first rabies shot and her CHIP!

She was a bit scared but ok in the end.

She will be travelling back to the UK with Joanne and Jack and is being fostered by Carmel Holland.

Expect more Nipper updates soon.


Dukey, an ex Pepis resident has demonstrated what a champion he is.

Here´s some news that his dad, Darren has sent us.

We are so pleased, we always knew he was a star!!

Darren:  guess who got a runner up spot in ‘Best Rescue dog’ at the Doodlefest 2014 show??

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