Charlie will soon be off to live with Kerry and her family. Everyone who has met him has fallen in love with him!!

Little Vinnie has gone off to his forever home with Maria and he is going to be very loved.

Charlie and Vinny will be heading to the UK soon, hoping to be scooped up into their forever homes.


Vinny is a real people dog and loves nothing more than being with you, he just loves people and laps up all the cuddles and affection he can get!

He is around 4 years old, so he is still a young dog, dreaming of a future with a family to call his own.

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Charlie (black and white) is a lovely boy aged around 2 years old who was abandoned outside the refuge. He is only a a small dog with lots of personality and lots of love to give.

Our Dobby went off to his forever home today with Sue, Dan and their children. Be happy young man.

  • Male
  • Podenco Cross
  • Size: Small
  • 2012 +/-     
  • Weight: 5-10kg
  • Colour: Honey
Ital was dumped at the refuge gate with his brothers and sister before having been weaned. Jane bottle fed these little pups and they have grown into healthy young dogs. Two of the group are happy in their forever homes leaving Ismael and 3 other siblings still searching.
We will always tell you about behaviour or characteristics of the dogs that need modification, but in this case we only have positive things to say. Ital is always happy, always positive and just pure sweetness, just like his brothers and sister. This little family is so comical and very pretty. They are a beautiful colour and a pleasure to care for, no trouble at all. Bundles of fun and happiness and it´s such a shame that they haven´t found their own families as they are young and need the attention that they deserve. It´s hard to not fall in love with them so we challenge you to choose between Arca, Frederico, Ismael or Ital, all beautiful, all looking at everyone who passes their pen to see if we are bringing leads to walk them or are opening the pen door to give them some fuss!!

A concrete road has been built connecting the lower refuge with the Galgo centre! Every time it rained the mud road that existed before made transportation of supplies from one refuge part to the other impossible!

We are very grateful to Beryl Brennan who applied to SPCAI international shelter grants on our behalf. They kindly donated the money needed to create the concrete road. Its makes a huge difference and taken away the feeling of dread that we faced every time it rained, now that fear can become a distant memory that we are so eternaly grateful for.

Thank you Beryl Brennan and SPCAI.

More dogs left and will leave the refuge in the coming months.

Some lucky ones that left with the last transport to the Uk are: Remmy, Molly and Rupert.

But that is not all: More dogs are getting prepared for their new lifes in the UK.

Preparing the dogs for their travels include vaccinations, chipping, making a passport and castrating them. As you can imagine, that does not come for free. So if you would like to support us, please donate via Paypal or bank account.

We are always looking for foster and for forever homes, so if you are interested, please contact us or Leash of Life!



A huge thank you to Jon Stevens, Selina King and Donna Brown and all other volunteers that helped at the refuge lately.

Your help is making a great difference in the lifes of so many dogs and we can not thank you enough!

Nuria Castillo Rodriguez started working at Pepi’s.
She will support Alan and Jane on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
This is a first for Pepi’s and will enable Alan and Jane to do other jobs that need urgent attention. Besides that there will be more time for quality time with the dogs now!
Thank you so very much to all the lovely people who made this possible!

Since October Leash of Life has taken 25 dogs from Pepi’s. There have another 18 booked to travel over the next couple of months and of course there will be many more after that.

The bad news is that in preparing these dogs for their new lives we have racked up a €3,710,40 vet bill. That’s not including any sick dogs that have had treatment. We are still waiting on that bill.

And of course with each dog that leaves for their new home this is getting higher and higher.

So PLEASE,  if you can spare just a couple of euros the PayPal is Pepi’

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