Trisha was found abandoned at the refuge by Alan and Jane together with her nine siblings as very little pups.

Trisha is ADORABLE!! This little girl is soo friendly and loving with people. She is desperate for human contact as it makes her feel secure. Refuge life for Trisha is a struggle, she finds it hard to relax when she is alone. Trisha loves to play catch, throw a ball for her and she will willingly bring it back to you to play again and she isn’t possessive over her toys which is positive.

Trisha is looking for a home where she can be the only pet, and would be delighted to have a garden to explore in the day and a comfy place to sleep at night. We know that she has lots potential, she is easily motivated with food and toys and just needs someone with a big heart, patience and understanding to see this and take this little girl under their wing and let her crawl onto your lap, all tucked up, secure and happy for the rest of her life  Image result for heart emoji