This handsome young lad was horrifically found as a bag of bones, he was soo weak he couldn’t even stand. This was a very sad and an extreme case of neglect, luckily we got to him when we did as we don’t believe he would of survived much longer. Callum was in very poor condition and it was clear to see that this poor boy had been badly neglected for some time. However he is now unrecognisable from when he arrived and is a healthy and happy boy who is eating well and growing into a strong lad. Callum really enjoys his time spent in the play pen racing around and going for walks, although he equally enjoys getting made a fuss of. Despite his ordeal he has progressed exceptionally well and is now ready to find a family of his own that will love and care for him, take him on walks and have a garden for him to run around in and he also enjoys a sunbathe. And at the end of the day he would love to curl up next to you on the sofa.

If you think you could offer this handsome young boy a forever home where he can experience what its like to be surrounded by loving people who he can trust, then please consider Callum.