history of Galgo Centre

Pepis Galgo CentrePepi´s Refuge houses many different types of dogs but the two Spanish breeds which are most difficult to re-home in Spain are the Galgo Español – the Spanish greyhound – and the Podenco.

Both these breeds make superb pets but the Spanish hunters see them just as a tool – like a gun – and the hounds suffer terrible cruelty before being abandoned at the end of every hunting season in February.

As Pepi´s Refuge is situated in the middle of olive groves, big hunting country, Jane and Alan regularly have galgos dumped, tied to the gates or thrown over the fence.  These hounds are often traumatised and injured.  Jane and Alan’s dream has been to establish a Galgo Centre on their land on the hill behind their house, where the galgos could recover and be rehabilitated,  ready for adoption into forever homes.

The biggest expense in establishing the centre was to double fence the hill, so a collaborator, David,  offered to do a sponsored parachute jump to try to raise the €5,000 necessary to pay for the fencing.  He successfully raised the amount needed and the double fencing has now been erected on the hill, with electric fencing running along the gap between the fences – donated by other collaborators – to ward off anyone thinking of entering to steal galgos for the next hunting season.  Jane and Alan now live on the hill, inside the enclosure.

Jane & Alan talking about the Centre

Pepis Galgo CentreWe have for some time, been talking with our local galgeros to let them know that the practice of abandoning and injuring the galgos is unacceptable and unnecessary.

Due to the location of Pepis, in the heart of hunting land, we knew  we needed to create a centre where abandoned and injured galgos could be kept and cared for until new homes are found for them.

We now have many galgo owners waiting for available space, which is a breakthrough in itself, and some funds were raised by David, a collaborator, who did a parachute jump, and all the very kind people who have donated at various stages to get the centre up and running.

The centre will need further enhancement of more galgo houses to be built before winter 2014, a quarantine, bathing, storage and  medical area.  We still have a long way to go for the Galgo Centre to be complete but with your help, this can all be achieved and enable us to continue our work with saving the Galgos.

Rehabilitation of Galgos

The galgos at Pepis have been living in a caring environment under the expert care of Jane and Alan in order that they can adapt to interacting with humans (especially men).  During this period of time at the refuge their behaviour is observed and their rehabilitation begins according to their level of mistrust or the traumatic experience they have previously suffered.