Become a Sponsor

Want to help the dogs, but are not in a position to adopt?


For some of our dogs, finding a home is extremely hard. This can be because of their age, breed, or medical treatment that some may need. These dogs will probably have to stay under our care for a very long time and sponsorship helps to cover some of the huge costs involved during their period of stay with us. If you see a dog that speaks to your heart, you can become a sponsor!

Your monthly sponsorship can help to cover expenses and care for that particular dog, helping us to maintain a happy and deserving life for a long term dog.  In the event that your sponsor dog is adopted, you can choose a new dog to help.

You can choose to sponsor any dog at the refuge. Here are some ideas for you:


Sponsorship options

We recommend a donation of €10 per month  

However anything you could donate would be greatly appreciated, either a one off donation or a regular monthly donation 

Thank you 

Sponsor using PayPal

So that you can receive a certificate of sponsorship with a photograph and be informed when your sponsor dog has found his/her forever home, please write to us at and tell us which dog you would like to help and a member of staff will contact you.

Thanks so much for your help.